Mini totebag is ready to sent for sungjong’s birthday lmao

Hope he won’t find me as creepy fan orz

Upcoming present : postcards :D

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Finally done with Afa id ‘14
Feel blessed :’D
Thanks and good work, everyone!

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Upcoming How To Train Your Dragon doujinshi.


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Hey guys, this upcoming sungjong’s birthday I’ll once again send him a present lol.

I’ve planing to make a canvas tote bag for him with these guys pattern lmao.

I’m just wondering if there’ll be someone who has interest to buy, maybe? lol
If the response is good, I’ll produce the bag in certain numbers ^^

maybe i’ll sell this bag around 12-15$ and I’ll have some giveaway postcard fanart for some buyers hehe :)

please let me know :)

thanks! o/

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yay taeil with mickey mouse hat ;;w;; he’s so cute HUHUHUHUHU

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